Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Video Bloging Made Easy by Revver

Video Blogging In Seconds

The Revver WordPress Video Plugin allows you to upload videos directly through your blog. You don't even need to wait for the video to go live before publishing your post -- as soon as it's ready to view, it goes live on your site. You can also browse the entire Revver library right from your blog and post videos with the click of a button.

Your Blog, Your Way

It's your blog, so build it however you want. Once you've perfected your design, just activate the plugin and you're ready to start posting video straight to your site. To help bring traffic back to your site, share links to your videos point directly back to you, not some other site!

Earn Money

You worked hard to produce your content, so why should someone else get paid for it? With the Revver WordPress Video Plugin, you actually earn money when people watch your videos. The more people watch, the more you can earn. For more details, see how Revver works.

Manage Your Video Library

The plugin allows you to manage your entire video library right from your blog -- view, edit and even remove any video you own right from your site, whether you posted it via, using the plugin, or on another Revverized site. You can even manage your subscriber videos!

Subscriber Videos

When people subscribe to your blog, a Revver account is automatically created for them -- the plugin allows them to upload video responses and earn directly through your blog! You earn as a sharer and your subscribers earn as creators on all video responses submitted to your site. Let your fans speak out!

Seamless Integration

The Revver plugin seamlessly integrates into your existing WordPress blog. For example, video responses are approved or rejected through the standard WordPress comment moderation page.

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