Friday, October 17, 2008

Aerion FOAM 210

Aerion™ FOAM 210 is a foamer based on refined non-hydrogenated vegetable (non hvo) fat and has been developed in response to demands for non hvo-based consumer products. This demand is based upon current nutritional requirements of no trans fats and reduced levels of saturated fats without compromising on functionality, taste and shelf life of the product.

Fat composition: lower in saturates
Fat composition: lower in saturatesNon hvo ingredients enable food manufacturers to launch food products that can be labelled as such, meeting consumer expectations. Following low TFA, non hvo is the next step the industry is taking to improve the nutritional profile of consumer products.

The content of saturated fat in Aerion FOAM 210 has been lowered significantly by 20% in comparison to our Aerion™ FOAM 110, enabling the development and labeling of products accordingly.

Excellent functionality
Aerion™ FOAM 210 is a foamer for use in hot instant cappuccino and chocolate. The foamer is instant soluble and provides a bland, milky and creamy flavor to the beverage. When hot water is poured on the powder mix a creamy, attractive foam layer is generated. The foam layer created by Aerion FOAM 210 consists of fine air bubbles, giving a light and creamy sensoric experience. The fine air bubble distribution contributes in a positive way to the stability of the foam.

Download the Product Information Sheet of Aerion FOAM 210.

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