Wednesday, October 15, 2008


At Microsoft, people-ready isn't just a slogan, it's a way of doing business. Learn how Microsoft uses people-ready approaches to solve specific business problems. Whether it's keeping e-mail services running, standardizing compliance processes, improving decision-making tools, or connecting employees with the information they need, Microsoft empowers its own people to drive the business forward.
Important Ways People at Microsoft Drive Business Results
  • Improving Internal Processes

    Microsoft Academy staffers were using disparate spreadsheets to track the development of sales training courses, which made it difficult to provide a global view of program development. The Academy deployed portal software to create a master catalog that centralizes all course-related data, so that staffers can easily find and manage information.

  • Empowering Employees with Information

    Microsoft sales people need to understand the latest Microsoft products to better sell them and support customers. So Microsoft created a Web-based tool that outlines relevant training courses. It also developed an executive scorecard that helps managers monitor companywide readiness for new product launches.

  • Getting the Most out of the Desktop

    IT professionals across Microsoft are building on top of familiar Microsoft Office programs to provide new capabilities and solutions that empower people with new types of information. These new initiatives link the sales force with customer information, improve analysis tools for foreign exchange traders, and help people manage and track legal workflows.

  • Keeping the Business Running

    At Microsoft, people rely on e-mail more than running water-and it's Chris Nelson's job to keep it all running smoothly. See how Microsoft provides uninterrupted access to e-mail through the right combination of people, process, and technology.

  • Improving Compliance

    Microsoft financial managers need to analyze and control costs and assess risk in order to comply with demanding corporate governance and financial-reporting policies. Learn how integrating and standardizing processes helped the company exceed legal compliance and corporate governance needs.

  • Using the Right Tools at the Right Time

    Microsoft employees were using disconnected systems and applications to handle their workloads. When Microsoft IT was called in to help, it too ran into a similar problem—a need for consolidation and better communication. Read how the IT staff used the right technologies and methodologies to create powerful new tools.

  • Driving Sales Performance

    Microsoft salespeople were drowning in a sea of data, until IT threw them a life preserver: a back-end system that connected them with the information they really needed. Now salespeople can turn data into opportunities, and provide their customers with the responsive service they were looking for.

  • Bridging Boundaries

    Microsoft took a big gamble when it set out to build Xbox 360, and for that gamble to pay off, it needed a seamless connection to partners and suppliers. Read how Microsoft improved communications and, in the process, solidified the bottom line.

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