Monday, October 13, 2008

Monster by Ducati

The start of a new era for the Monster.
The ‘less-is-more’ philosophy that made the Monster a motorcycling icon is now further enhanced to redefine your naked expectations. With its slim waist and wide handlebars, the new Monster is the ideal bike for all styles, whether riding downtown or enjoying the most exciting of open roads. A pumping Desmodromic heart held in the legendary Ducati Trellis frame underlines the unrivalled naked beauty of the Monster.
Ducati Monster: naked essentiality.

The Monster design perfectly balances sports performance, riding pleasure and stunning looks.
With frame technology derived from the Desmosedici and flexible power delivered from the legendary L-Twin engine, the Monster is able to perform both in the busiest of city streets and the most exhilirating of open roads. The Monster’s essential design and unique sound sets it aside from all others.

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