Thursday, October 16, 2008

Smart SOA approach

You don't have to go beyond the front page of the newspaper to witness turbulent change. How to adapt to change continues to be the number one concern of CEOs. The IBM Global CEO Study 2008 reports:
Organizations are bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up - the gap between such change and their ability to adapt has tripled in two years.
Nearly all CEOs are adapting their business models - two-thirds are implementing extensive innovations.
The Smart SOA approach shares the "smarts" from more than 7,000 customers to guide you in your struggle to quickly and effectively adapt to change. By helping you become more agile, improve performance, and grow your business, Smart SOA powers smarter business outcomes.
Smarter business outcomes aren't just a game of chance. They are a product of smarter business approaches that include:
The way you design your business to ensure agility
Optimizing processes based on business insight and action
Better technology that is easy to implement and is more consumable
Reaching and retaining today's connected custome
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services. With the Smart SOA approach, you can find value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiativesRe-imagine more from your business
There is no debate: Rapid change, fierce competition and an ever-flattening world economy are driving the need for superior business agility. A new class of truly agile organizations, the globally integrated enterprise, is emerging as the winner. How? By delivering unique value, tapping into the power of globalization and forging a strategy of componentization.
These organizations understand that using service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a preferred method of delivering sustainable agility. They need this agility - that is, the ability to quickly and effectively respond to changes, opportunities and threats - to compete effectively.
Introducing the Smart SOA™ approach. The most successful of these organizations implement SOA with a focus on business value and use tested and proven techniques. The Smart SOA approach is a set of guiding principles developed by IBM, based on our unique experience working with more than 6550 customers using our SOA offerings.
The Smart SOA approach benefits both business and IT by extending the business value of deployment, from basic to advanced projects. The Smart SOA approach demands simplicity and robustness in every project, eliminating unnecessary complexity while building a strong foundation for future growth.What Smart SOA approach is right for you?

It depends on your business needs and priorities. With the Smart SOA approach, you can find value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiatives:
Foundational-establish greater agility in specific, departmental business areas.
Extend end-to-end-optimize and innovate across end-to-end business processes encompassing people, processes, and information.
Transform-implement business model innovation to support your Globally Integrated Enterprise.
Adapt dynamically-a future ideal to automatically sense and respond to market forces without the degree of human intervention that is required today.
Get smart about SOA. Learn more about how IBM can help you get there:
The business value of the Smart SOA approach
The IT value of the Smart SOA approach
Stop talking. Start doing. Do it with the Smart SOA approach - and discover the agility that can help your company become a world-class competitor.

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