Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Smart SOA approach

Stop talking. Start doing. The Smart SOA™ approach. Simple to Advanced.

Globally integrated enterprises enabled by the Smart SOA approach

It's smart to be ready for growth. It's smart to anticipate your future business needs. It's smart to make the most of SOA today, with help from IBM. Meet new and changing customer demands. Compete in a global marketplace. Realize the benefits of innovative business models and new technologies.

Smart SOA delivers distinct value with every styleFigure 1: The Business Value of the Smart SOA approach

Are you ready to become a globally integrated enterprise? Smart SOA business offerings from IBM can help get you there by taking an industry-focused and holistic approach to operations that provide business value at every stage of the continuum, from basic to advanced initiatives.

To become a globally integrated enterprise, start by defining your winning innovative strategy — then implement it. Use the right tools to optimize your business processes — then refine them. Continuously. Improve your ability to make better business decisions, by monitoring key industry-specific metrics. Utilize SOA to continuously align your IT and business sides of the house — and be prepared to be amazed at how it can put you ahead of the competition. And along the way, utilize the Smart SOA approach to continuously improve and optimize your business performance.

Globally integrated enterprises require agility — SOA delivers agility

Becoming a globally integrated enterprise requires developing new, innovative business models that differentiate you from the competition. Smart SOA business offerings from IBM will help you to assess where you stand today and give you the tools you need to effectively implement change, not just today but ongoing.

Optimize and innovate end-to-end business processes

Your business processes are a critical part of transforming into a globally integrated enterprise through SOA. Business process management (BPM) enabled by the Smart SOA approach optimizes and innovates processes at an accelerated pace, to help you improve those processes that give your organization a competitive advantage. Leveraged in the right way — that is, not just modeling processes, but also simulating outcomes and what-if scenarios, using business rules to guide process flow, and monitoring key business metrics to refine processes — BPM enabled by SOA can help you go beyond basic process improvement to making better decisions about that improvement and investment.

To support this approach to BPM enabled by SOA, IBM is strengthening its BPM Methodology, a comprehensive set of methodologies for planning, designing, modeling, simulating, measuring and optimizing business processes. Improvements include a Process Governance organization and framework, a technology agnostic approach, and an even broader and deeper coverage of the components you need to be successful with BPM enabled by SOA.

Additions and enhancements to IBM’s BPM offerings also support this comprehensive approach to BPM enabled by SOA.

Ensure continuous alignment between IT and business

The best-run companies know that IT must move in lockstep with business—always. Rapid changes on the business side need to be immediately supported by the IT side.

For many organizations, the Smart SOA approach delivers the flexibility and agility to support the evolving business strategy of a globally integrated enterprise. Through the Smart SOA approach, businesses introduce agility into their systems for deep insight into performance and changing business conditions while they optimize their processes and operations to capitalize on the shifting marketplace.

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