Friday, November 28, 2008

Solar Ark

Large-Scale Solar Power Generation Facility "Solar Ark"

SANYO Solar Ark Logo

The design of the Solar Ark was inspired by the vision of an ark embarking onto a journey toward the 21st Century. Only four columns are used to support the entire structure, thus giving the impression of floating in the air.

SANYO Solar Ark
Overall length315m
Heightapex 37.1m, peak at the center 31.6m
WeightApprox. 3,000 metric tons
Number of solar cell modules5,046
Maximum system power630kW
Annual output energyApprox. 530,000kWh
Petroleum energy equivalentApprox. 120,310lits per year
CO2 reduction167t-CO2 per year
SANYO Solar Ark Lineart

Location: SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Gifu Plant

180 Ohmori, Anpachi-cho, Anpachi-gun, Gifu
SANYO Solar Ark Location
For more information, visit SANYO Solar Global Site.

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