Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grand Temple at US

Swaminarayan Mandir, Atlanta, USA . Opening Ceremony Pictures.

Intricately carved pillars of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Atlanta, Georgia.

Some details of BAPS Swaminarayan Temple at Lilburn, Atlanta

* It is one among the top ten largest traditional Hindu Vedic stone temples outside India.
* The largest temple of the BAPS Swaminarayan sect in United States.
* The temple is located on 30 acres of land.
* The total area of the mandir is 22442 sq. ft
* The exterior of the Mandir is made of Turkish Limra limestone.
* The main floor is made of Italian Carrara marble.
* The ground floor and basement is made of Indian Sandstone.
* Smallest stone 15 gm to largest stone of 5.2 tones.
* Total stone material is 8430 tones.
* Total 40,000 stone pieces.
* Total stone structure 85,000 cu. Ft
* The length of the Mandir is 213 feet
* The width of the Mandir is 122 feet
* The height from the ground is 78 feet
* The width of main dome is 23' 3"
* The Mandir has tapered ceiling.
* Inside and outside 'parikarama' for devotees to circumambulate around deities.
* Number of Shikhars (pinnacles) is 5.
* 4 Small Pinnacles (Samaram)
* Number of small domes is 6 and one large dome.
* Number of Torans (arches) is 129.
* Number of Zarukhas (balconies) is 4
* Number of Sinhasans (throne) is 9.
* Number of windows is 14.
* Number of Pillars is 151.
* 75 ceilings with 39 different designs
* Apart from this the Mandir has numerous windows and pillars, which are intricately carved, and also marble steps.
* Central heating and cooling.
* Under floor heating with Gel tubing.
* Fiber optic lighting.
* Estimated cost of the Swaminarayan temple is $19 million.

Other Interesting Facts

* The pillars of the temple are intricately hand-carved and each pillar depicts a famous incident from Hindu scriptures.
* The construction of the Mandir is based on 'Shila Shastras' ancient Hindu text dealing in building and sculpture techniques.
* Some stones like marble and limestone were imported from the respective countries to India.
* The stones were hand-carved in India and later imported to United States.
* Intricate geometric patterns, rosettes, feathers, leaves and other designs which number to more than 500 were hand-carved in India.
* Each section of the temple weighing from 50 grams to five tons after carving in India had a bar code.
* Each section thus imported was then assembled in Lilburn just like playing the jigsaw puzzle.

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