Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World largest container vessel - Emma Maersk

Emma Maersk is the largest container vessel in the world, built ever. The ship is one superb engineer outfit, which according to many specialists is not only a sign for power, but also very profitable utility for the company of Maersk Line, which had largest container fleet in the world.
Through the years many vessel took the cup for most modern and largest vessel in container shipping, but this time I think that Emma Maersk is really the one that should own this priz. The vessel has a fantastic measurements, with lenght of 397 meters, beam of 56 meters and draft of 30 meters. The deadweight of the ship is 156,907 metric tons. The capacity of containers that can be arried by Emma Maersk is 11,000 TEUs in calculations from the company and more than 13,800 TEUs in calculation of IMO. This is the largest container vessel of the world, and the vessel with most known history, in spite of its young years.
The history of Emma Maersk started with a lot of scandals in building this vessel, a problems with timesheet and finally a fire that turned Emma Maersk back into the Ship-yard. Butalso the story that is most known for Emma Maersk is the one, that ship carried more than 10 thousand containers with Cristmass gifts for children in England from China. This story makes a lot of people to love this ship.
But that is only the beginning of the most known container vessel of the world. To learn everything continue in our website to see everything that you may want to known about Emma Maersk and Maersk Line. Also see a lot of picture of Emma Maersk, wallpapers and videos for your good time. All here is to make you part from the largest engineer outfit of the world and from its stories and dreams. That is Emma Maersk, the greatest vessel on world shipping.

The vessel, which is the largest one in container shipping of the world is called Emma Maersk.According to calculation from IMO the ship can carry between 13,500 and 15,800 TEUs, which is more than 4,000 containers more, than the previous leader in this class - Xin Shanghai. Emma Maersk is the ship that is not only beautiful with its measurements, but also beautiful with its looking and safety. The ship is wonderful and large as much as your imagine can reach. The lenght of Emma Maersk is 397 meters, and the width is 56 meters. This is a wonderful for such a metal vessel, and just some years ago people did not imagine that metal can sail. But now engineers showed how 156 thousand tons are sailing without any problems in the sea and can fight with waves and heavy seas. That is wonderful for such vessel and for people that had constructed this vessel.
Emma Maersk was built in Odense Steel Ship-yard by some of the most known engineers of the world. The ship is designed to be strong and to have enought stability to stay in front of the largest waves seen ever. That is very important because the container vessel is fighting not only with sea and cargo, but with time also.
The story about the fire on Emma Maersk is one of the most known stories, that built the outlooking and the name of Emma Maersk. That is exciting story, how into the ship yard of Lind Yard, just after some tests of the largest container vessel of the world, in June, that fire into the superstructure. This fire quickly raised to bridge and accommodation. Emma Maersk was just a step from losing itself, but firemen did their work and saved the greatest vessel of the world. That was a fantastic story about newspapers and very terrible feeling of ship-owner and the crew.
The other story of the vessel is Christmas 2006, when the ship came into Unite Kingdom with more than 5 thousand containers with presents for the kids in the greatest Christian holiday. The ship ran up the schedule to reach the country just some days before the Christmas and that brought a lot of happiness for many children and people that wait for the beautiful holiday. That story is combining love and fear. That ship is combining everything in it, and so long story, for so short time on water.
Emma Maersk is definitely the greatest vessel built evenr. And you may see the engineer outfit, that took the hearts of all the people that had seen it. This is a vessel with longest history

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