Friday, November 20, 2009

Current and Historical Rate Tables

Current and Historical Rate Tables
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The Interactive Currency Table™ allows you to create cross rate tables based in the currency of your choice, using current or historical rates. First, select a base currency using the scrolling selection boxes. Note that there are far more currencies available than the initial five displayed. Next, select a date to use. The earliest date available through this service is November 16, 1995. Last, select any display options that you wish. When you are finished, push the "Go!" button, and your desired table will be displayed.

For ease of use, the top ten currencies sorted by popularity are listed first. Next come the top 85 currencies sorted by country name. Obsolete currencies are indicated by an asterisk (*). To perform currency calculations using the currency data, we suggest using the Universal Currency Converter.

Important: Pursuant to our terms of use, You may not parse, import, or redistribute currency rate data from this service. If you need currency rate data, we can provide you with an automated feed through our Data Feed Service.

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