Friday, November 20, 2009

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To see how much you should claim for these expenses, proceed to the calculation: (Please be patient — processing may take a few moments)
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    To use this service, provide us with the details of your expense claims above. (If you are testing this service, use values that are indicative of a typical travel expense.) We will use this information to calculate recommended claims for these expenses, which will be displayed when you click on the calculate button above.
    TIP: If the contents of some or all of the cells of the table above "disappear" or go blank, simply minimize (NOT close) your browser window, and then restore it. This problem is due to a bug in some browsers, most notably Netscape Navigator 3 for Windows.

About This Service

    This service is designed to simplify the process of claiming your travel expenses — and to help ensure that you do not underclaim. You should use this service instead of the Universal Currency Converter® to claim your expenses because:

    • when used properly, this service takes into consideration the historical exchange rate actually in effect on the date of the expense receipt; and
    • when used properly, this service makes a provision for hidden charges for foreign exchange, which you might otherwise fail to claim.

    If you are unsure what your foreign exchange charges typically are, you can determine them using our free Credit Card Charges Calculator™ (for credit and debit cards) or Foreign Exchange Charges Calculator™ (for Cash and traveller's checks).

    An asterisk (*) beside a currency indicates that the currency in question is obsolete or is being phased out. Obsolete currencies are included for use when making historical requests.

    A single expense version of this service is also available, which takes much less time to load than this page and is of particular value to those with slower internet connections.

    Please address comments or inquiries about this service to <>

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