Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tips to cope with stress at work

* When you have work for long hours, take short breaks of 10 minutes every two hours. Get out of your seat, drink water, tea or juice, but avoid snacks unless you have missed a meal.
* Obey your body’s natural call on time.* Whenever you pass by your colleagues, present a pleasant face if not a smile.
* When dealing with difficult situations in the workplace, remember that it is your bread and butter and soldier on.
* Find something about your job that you love and let it help you reduce your fatigue and any negative attitudes toward your job.
* Keep a positive outlook on life.
* Try to adjust with your colleagues rather than wish they would change.
* Do your duties for your own satisfaction and fulfillment — not for appreciation, which you may or may not get.* Try to keep a good interpersonal relationship with colleagues.
* A good friend at the workplace is a blessing — try to find one.* Maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.
* Enjoy vacations — never avoid any opportunity to unwind.
* Keep a daily routine and give yourself ‘me time’, which you could spend doing things that make you happy.
* Sincere self-evaluation and self-perception will boost your confidence.
* Do a minimum of one hour’s exercise on alternate days, to keep fit. Eat healthy food.
* Breathing exercises will provide good relief from stress.
* In case a problem arises, personal or professional, sincere conversations with a friend will give insight and relief.
* Art of constructive communication and dignified compromise will solve normal interpersonal issues.
* If all else fails, get professional help. It will save you time and health.

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